Creativity with a Latin Touch !

Irma Mejia aka DJ Irmita

DJ Irmita

Mixing the old with the new. Dj Irmita loves to blend the finest classic Salsa tunes from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and New York with the ultimate  New Generation Salsa anda splash of Son, Timba, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha & Urban Latin.  "

 She has performed as a support DJ with world class Latin artists and has rapidly gained international acclaim from leading salsa musicians with the launch of her hit Radio show "The I Love Salsa Show launching the salsa hits as they happen direct to UK and worldwide audiences.  

Her passion for Latin music inspired her to compose songs for Latin artists and her vast knowledge of Salsa music history makes each performance unique. Her ability to create an electric atmosphere and captivate any audience  has made her a well respected  DJ worldwide.

She is available for live events & multimedia music promotions on radio, tv, film and online social media campaigns.

Suso "EL Sabor de Colombia" mejia

aka  "El suso"

Suso Mejia is a Colombian singer, bass player and guitarist who comes from a long line of family musicians.

In his birth place of Caldas, he played bass guitar alongside his father and brothers in el Combo Kalamari, where he performed Latin American ballads and the Colombian rhythms of cumbia, porro, corrido, bolero and vallenato. In the UK he has performed as a Salsa vocalist and bass player at Jazz festivals, congresses, and Latin events and has shared the stage as a percussionist with some of Cuba’s finest  musicians.

Suso performs as a solo Latin singer as well as with Afro Cuban , Timba & Salsa Bands. In his solo set expect to hear all the Latin & Salsa hits plus a selection of  traditional Colombian Cumbias, Cuban Boleros & Son, Mexican Corridas, Argentine Zambas & Chilean Cuecas.

His deep, sensual, seductive singing style and amazing swing on the maraca, guiro and campana will captivate the audience.

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The time has never been better for Latin music artists to take advantage of the digital technological age and popular demand for online music consumption. 

The Latin Media Company is a UK based company established by Film Producer Tony Jopia and  Irma Mejia aka DJ Irmita joining forces to promote Latin American culture and bring new multimedia marketing possibilities to Latin artists. 

Keeping firmly on the Latin Pulse we Showcase the ultimate emerging Salsa, Latin & Afro-Cuban music talent to UK & worldwide audiences via live events, TV, Film , Radio, Online Social Media and multimedia events online, landradio  & phone app.



LATIN MEDIA production

Tony Jopia Producer & Director

LMC's  Award winning producer & director Tony Jopia has produced for broadcast giants such as Sony Pictures Television , BSB, Sky, ITV, Carlton Television, FilmFour. Creative Managed Disney Channels across Europe, Senior Produced Children's ITV in Birmingham and Manchester. Producing many music videos, commercials and social media content for a variety of clients, businesses and community based projects.


Specialist Latin photography by Vanessa Kurz