About DJIrmita

DJ Irmita, is a longstanding and well respected Salsa & Latin DJ. She is the Salsa Addict’s disc jockey playing the music that dancers want to dance to. Her passion for Latin American culture and vast knowledge of Salsa music history make each performance unique. Her ability to create an electric atmosphere to any audience and venue has made her a popular DJ in the UK and Internationally.

Born in Santiago, Chile and of Italian descent, Irma's passion for Salsa music began during her childhood at family parties where Cuban Son, Cumbias, Cuecas and Tango where the order of the day. On her arrival to the UK in the late 1970s this music accompanied the Saturday afternoon reunions of her childhood with the Latin American community of Liverpool where she learnt the traditional songs and dances of Chile and Latin America. Then in 1992, in Xalapa, the cultural capital of Mexico, was where she discovered her true passion and learnt to dance Danzón and  Salsa as she travelled around Latin America.

Irmita has played at major Salsa, events, festivals and congresses both in the UK and abroad as well as organising her own events. Irmita has also supported legendary names in the Latin music industry as well as promoting some of the best UK salsa performers and performing in her own salsa bands.As a qualified teacher, graduate in Latin American Studies and finalist in the 1st European Bacardi Salsa Championships (the first to be held in the UK) Irma is the all round salsa professional with over 15 years experience of organising and hosting Latin American events.