spotlight on salseras

rossi lopez  "la dama del sabor"

- Ese hombre es Mio 

Panamanian born Salsa Sonera dishes out her slick vocals on this beautifully romantic salsa dance track.  She has been working tirelessly on her forthcoming music productions one of which includes a musical collaboration with DJ Irmita. 

Keep your eye on this space for ourbrand new release! 

izis "la enfermera de la salsa"

- Like A Prayer

Bilingual female salsa reacording artists known as “La Enfermera de Salsa” ( The nurse of salsa )is  bringing some much needed salsa therapy to salseros around the world with her soulful Salsa version of the hit Madonna classic "Like A Prayer"

spotlight on salseros

wito rodriguez

featured salsa artistS

Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes

hector olmo

eduardo zayas y su banda

luis gonzalez "el tsunami de la salsa"

maelo y su klan

ny joe

billy crespo

leonardo garcia

henry benavides

sheila king

josean rivera

santiago all stars

karla leardini

chose cheo torres

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We are proud to include a wide selection of music from award winning Afro- Cuban, Salsa & Latin Jazz recording artists on the I Love Salsa Show. We maintain an international network of Latin artists, from solo Salsa & Latin singers to  Afro Cuban Quartets; Mexican Mariachis; Andean Panpipe bands; Latin Percussionists & full on Salsa Orchestras  for a sensational Latin music and dance experience.  This includes specialist performances in Afro Latin, Son, Salsa, Mambo, Samba, Reggaeton; Tango, Bachata & more.  If you would like further information on the featured artists or would like your Latin music to be included in our shows please contact us.

rey montanez y conjunto akangana

manolito y su afinque


rafi marrero

chevy el pitirre de la salsa

zumbale orquesta