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Music submissions

Are you a Latin music recording artist, band or label? Would like to submit your Latin music or video to us for "The I Love Salsa Radio Show, The Latin Media YouTube Music Channel and other media promotions?
If so we would love to hear from you, please follow the instructions below:
  • Please send all music files in .mp3 or .wav format to
  • Please send video files in .mp4 format ideally HD quality to
  • Please provide your artist name, song & album title and release date.
  • Please include your artist bio with links to your website, social media platforms & links to where listeners can purchase & download your music.


We are a UK Latin media and broadcasting company offering creative solutions for a bigger impact. We offer film production, linguistic communications and design services for businesses working with Latin American culture and Spanish speaking audiences. We focus on providing quality, cost-effective, creative solutions for large and small businesses. We make things happen and make you look great. We go the extra mile on every project we work on, taking the time to get to know you, your values, target audience, and objectives.
Whether you need a new brand identity, a brand refresh, video content for your social media , a music video for your latest track or a corporate or educational video that speaks to Latin America or the rest of the world we have the creative team to realise your vision and ideas and provide you with results that stands out from the crowd. We’ll ensure your brand communicates effectively, delivers your message to your customers, and engages them.
If you have a multi media project that you would like to discuss or have any general enquiries about our film production services please  email or visit

Audio on this website:

Digital audio heard on this web site are recorded performances of the individual musicians, artists, performers, or copyright owners covering their own compositions or songs originally recorded by them or other artists. These full length demo samples are intended to demonstrate the individual musicians, artists, performers, or band's sound and talent in order for potential customers to evaluate them and their craft as an entertainment service provider. These demonstration sample performances are for personal use only, and may not be copied, captured, recorded, reverse engineered, saved, or redistributed in any form whatsoever for any commercial purposes of any kind. No excuses. Full intellectual rights, copyrights, mechanical, digital, and performance rights are held and kept by the assigned rights holders and paid licensing agencies for each and every song or performance of the individual musicians, artists, and performers audio selections.

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