Salsa           Styles


Salsa undeniably owes much of it's origins to the Afro Cuban music and dance traditions of Cuba, namely Rumba, Son and Mambo.  Cuban music continues to intrigue and is constantly evolving through Timba, Reggaeton & Salsaton so wheher you enjoy the rich traditional rythms of the Buena Vista Social Club or the electrifying Timba sounds of  Pupy Y Los Que Son Son  , then Salsa a Lo Cubano is definitely for you .

 Salsa Clásica

 By the 1960s, following the development of mambo, cha cha and  boogaloo. Latin music and dance forms came to be known as "Salsa" with the fusion of Cuban, Puerto Rican and NY jazz based musical influences and the creation of the Fania record label. This golden era of salsa is characterised by the never to be forgotten classic sounds of Tito Puente , Celia Cruz,  Hector La Voe and my personal favourite Markolino Dimmond  & many more. 

Salsa Dura

Salsa dura or 'hard' salsa, is a term that's used to describe salsa that still retains the basic features of classic salsa i.e  the socially conscious lyrics, the driving rhythms, the call and response, 'montuno' sections. Recently, young salsa bands like "Avenida B" have been reviving this old school hard classic salsa sound which has lead to the rise and popularity of Salsa Dura around the world. If you love Salsa that just keeps going and going, with musical breaks and blaring brass then this is for you.


Colombia's capital of salsa "Cali" plays host to one of the largest Latin music festivals and has captured the attention of salseros worldwide with the development of it's own Cali Style Salsa based on dynamic routines and fast footwork to the sounds of Fruko, Latin Brothers, Joe Arroyo, Grupo Niche, Guayacan and more recently Junior Jein and Dinkol Arroyo


Think New Gen Salsa and think Kevin Davis & Ban Caribe, Boogaloo Assasins, Bloque 53, Williamsburg Salsa Orquestra, Ivan Venot and Jazz Meets Salsa. Salsa is certainly alive and kicking with these bands that are taking salsa to the next level and in a new direction with unique soulful blends and sophisticated arrangements whilst maintaining true to the essence of Salsa.

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